NCBO Language Exchange at INARI GLEAN!

Naniwa Creators BLDG. OSAKA had their first event hosted at their cafe/bar (Inari Glean) this past Sunday the 17th of November!. The event itself was a Language Exchange event with people that came from the likes of Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Denmark, and Poland. The event lasted 2 or so hours and included food and drinks! Our very own pastry chef, Sho-kun and cafe/bar manager Mizuki-chan, made delicious scones for everyone!:) They go well with the various types of coffee they offer from various parts of the world. Or you can even try one of the many craft beers we offer!:)


Lots of interesting and fun people joined the event, sharing their cultural experiences and life stories. As well as trying to “exchange language” as to which they were trying to learn each others languages. A fun and casual exchange between each others languages, resulted in new and useful words or phrases being learnt. Many of the non-Japanese patrons that joined are in Japan for a certain reason; working, studying, traveling or doing it all, and not all have a strong grasp of the Japanese language, so this was a great opportunity for them to learn something new about the language and culture it self. As well, some of the Japanese patrons that joined were and are interested in learning English, so this was a great chance for them to learn some English, and not in a school setting, but a more fun, casual, friend like setting, where they feel less pressured and go at it at their own pace.


With their being people from other parts of the world as well, other peoples languages were also heard and learned. To see someone smile, or a connection is formed solely on an exchange of few words in someones native tongue, was really nice to see. Or when one person is really interested in the others culture and wants to know more, its a great feeling to share and teach one another about it. Many things were learnt, connections formed and everyone walked away with a smile.  We hope to see everyone back, along with many others from other parts of the world. See you soon!:)


For the first ever event, we believe the event was a hit! And we plan on doing many more in the future. If you are ever in the Osaka area during a time we a hosting an event, please join! Also, please take a look at some of our links below! Thank you!

Also check out pictures from other events we have hosted!
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