INARI GLEAN – cafe and bar –




Another project I would like to introduce to you is INARI GLEAN cafe and bar. A nice little cafe and bar that re-opened its doors in September 2019. Situated near Osaka`​s downtown area, INARI GLEAN is a perfect place for tourists and residents alike to go in to have a nice breakfast before work or sightseeing, or stop in after some afternoon shopping or when on a break from work and enjoy one of the lunch sets they offer. And if you happen to stop by in the evening, a bar nighttime menu is available as well. Whatever your mood, INARI GLEAN`s comfort, relaxing atmosphere, appetizing menu, refreshing drinks and smoothies, delicious desserts and warm and inviting staff will make you feel like INARI GLEAN is a place that you will be coming back time and time again🙂

Humble beginnings…


Present times…


The People…

pictures by: @Jasonjrh

The Food….

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INARI = Is the neighborhood. Local and home.

GLEAN = To gather information or material or to gather grain or other produce.

Our hope is that anyone and everyone who comes to INARI GLEAN takes something with them when they leave. Whether is be some useful information about the area, Inari or Osaka, a relationship made unexpectedly while having lunch, inspiration from something they seen, heard or ate, or even a full stomach. Whatever is may be, if anything else, we know you will walk away with a smile:)


INARI GLEAN (Cafe & Bar)                                                                                  



NANIWA CREATORS BLDG. OSAKA                                                                              



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