myx – CoWorking Space –

myx – CoWorking space – is now open!!

The newest project from NCBO!

myx – CoWorking Space –!!

myx inari glean wabi sabi osaka


Officially launched on January 6th, 2020, myx -CoWorking Space – is open to the public! Located right above INARI GLEAN – cafe and bar – and right next to WABI SABI OSAKA – guesthouse – !! It incorporates both to give you a great experience, not like any other in Osaka!

Our Concept
myx = x (My + Your)
x means talent. This facility is a space for co-creation. A place where my and your talents are mixed. myx integrates NCBO`s guest house “WABI SABI OSAKA” and the cafe bar “INARI GLEAN”. The idea behind this is for people with various purposes, occupations, backgrounds, and nationalities to create something special with each other . Its not only a place where your business ideas and goals come to fruition, but also a place where you can find inspiration from interesting encounters, create team synergies and we hope it will be a place that enriches your life as a result.

We offer a lot of great incentives myx – CoWorking Space –  to get your brain juices flowing and create something special. Equipped with a comfortable and stable high-speed network line with a maximum of 2Gbps up and downstream. You can concentrate on your work in a quiet and cozy space if you want or reserve our spacious conference room if you are working with a team. On the first floor is the cafe, INARI GLEAN! Fill your stomach with our popular roasted curry or fresh pasta, enjoy delicious scones or homemade french toast that goes well with our various types of coffees from around the world! myx – CoWorking Space –brings you endless possibilities depending on how you use it.

myx – CoWorking Space – can help you improve your language and speaking skills as well in which you can use to further your goals and or career!
NCBO`s guesthouse WABI SABI OSAKA – guesthouse – is home to international staff as well as Japanese staff who have overseas experience and can communicate in English, and a monthly Language Exchange event hosted by our international staff who are also experienced English conversation teachers and have been in Japan for many a years. Participating in cross-cultural events through language learning provides opportunities for ideas to be born. Themed events with food and drinks are also held irregularly every month. Anyone can is welcome to join!

Develop your entrepreneurship, launch new businesses,  support for startups! If you are thinking about starting a business, but you don’t know how to start, especially if you dont have knowledge or experience, our staff can help! We can create a mentor system and help your small business so you can have peace of mind. We have professionals with familiar and possibly similar global business aspirations that have launched successful businesses as well.  We provide consultations on entrepreneurship. We can create business cards, flyers, and anything printing related. We can also help with anything related to front end, website creation, coding and design as well! This is a one stop shop for anything you will ever need to help you get going into doing whatever you want to do!

Our price and service breakdown 

– Drop-in and Monthly plan and services –

〇Service contents
• Free drink
• Wifi
• Power supply
• Paid copy service
〇 Optional contents
– Equipment rental service –
Projector ¥ 500
Monitor ¥ 1,500
Screen ¥ 2,000

[Drop-in usage fee] ¥ 500 / hour ~ ¥ 2,000 / day
[Drop-in monthly fee] 1 month ¥ 13,000 / month
3 months ¥ 36,000 (¥ 12,000 / month)
6 months ¥ 66,000 (¥ 11,000 / month)
12 months ¥ 117,600 (¥ 9,800 / month)

[INARI GLEAN – cafe and bar – Rental space usage fee] Weekdays ¥ 1,500 / hour ~ Holiday ¥ 1,700 / hour

[Office plan usage fee] ¥ 30,000 / month (2 desks + use of reception room)


You can rent the space for a completely private use of the room, for small groups, small seminars and workshops for up to 12 people in private rooms. The facility can be used for events for various purposes such as parties as well. You can bring food and drinks.  We can provide a drink service with prior consultation. Catering services are also available. You can use the 1st floor cafe from morning til night, when the bar opens. Perfect for a social gathering after having a meeting.

Rental office use

We provide an office environment where you can use a personal computer. It is a private room equipped with necessary equipment and communication tools. In addition, use of company address is accepted if need be and corporate registration is possible. Conference room rental discounts are available as well. You can also use the co-working space and use a fixed telephone line.

The space can be used from 7:00 to 23:00. Available at any time during business hours.


Please visit the home page for more in detail information!
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– CoWorking space –

– Guesthouse –

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