NCBO – experiences –

NCBO – experiences –

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Another one of NCBO projects currently in action is NCBO – experiences –
WABI SABI OSAKA – guesthouse – doesnt just provide great accommodation in Osaka, we also host different events and experiences. One experience that we do, is our “JAPANESE SENTO” experience. What is a Sento you ask? Sento is the Japanese word for public bathhouse. What this experience provides is knowledge and guidance of a traditional Japanese bathhouse. We explain to you how to act, what to expect, how to use, and the history of a Sento. At first this will all be done in our co-working space, myx – CoWorking Space –. We will then guide you to the Sento itself and make sure everything is in order for you to enjoy the Sento thoroughly. And as a bonus, after you are done with the Sento, we provide you with a drink and some delicious ice cream or Osaka soul food, takoyaki, at the cafe where we met! (INARI GLEAN – cafe and bar –)! What great way to enjoy some Japanese and Osakan culture!

Another experience we offer, is a Japanese cooking experience that incorporates the cooking of a whole YELLOW TAIL fish!

Guests are welcomed at our cafe, INARI GLEAN – cafe and bar – and our chef will explain a little about the YELLOW-TAIL. It is a very common and popular fish in Japan, but it is not eaten in many countries, especially not raw.
You will witness fresh, and huge YELLOW-TAIL itself with your own eyes!
The fish is directly delivered from the Setouchi sea, super fresh, super safe, even if eaten raw. While cooking, the Chef will show you some techniques as well as telling you about Japanese cuisine and its culture.
You can also try to cut the fish and make your own Sashimi!
The dishes will be served in a course, you can enjoy the whole course of YELLOW-TAIL.
The menu includes:
*Shabu-shabu & hot pot
*Avocado and YELLOW-TAIL tartar with some crackers
*Ajillo with Internal Organs
*Japanese style aqua pizza
*Rice bowl with marinated YELLOW-TAIL


In this experience, you will acquire knowledge about YELLOW-TAIL as well as the   Japanese cuisine culture by seeing and tasting different fish related foods. You can enjoy a live performance of cooking the whole YELLOW-TAIL. You can try and experience doing sashimi by yourself. You will be able to ask any questions to the Chef regarding cooking and food. You can get to know some locals at the shop and enjoy chatting.
And you will be able to try many kinds of Japanese craft beer and sake to match with the dishes provided.

We have many more ideas for different experiences and tours to do in the future, so stay tuned!

You can book the experiences here! If you are planning on coming to Osaka, or even live here, why not give it a try!

Sento tour experience
Yello Tail cooking experience

Also, if you are interested in staying the night, we also have apartments for short term rent available! Check the link below!
Airbnb Listing


– CoWorking space –

– Guesthouse –

– cafe and bar –





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