Language Exchange #3!

Hello everyone!
This past Sunday, January 19,2020, NCBO hosted their 3rd Language exchange event at INARI GLEAN – cafe and bar –!! This being our most successful event to date, we were so glad to see many people join! Seems like the word is getting out and our community is growing by the day! Also, a new dessert was introduced and made by our very own pastry chef Sho! Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the party as well! Please take a look at the photos below! And if you are in the Osaka area next month (February 2020), we will be hosting 2 events! Please follow our links (see at the bottom) to know exactly when we will be hosting these events! Hope to see you soon!

Our community:)<3

Our friends:)<3

Our Family:)<3

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Our next events will be on February 16th and the 29th!! So please join if you can! Follow our facebook page to know more details of the upcoming event!

final version

– cafe and bar –

– CoWorking space –

– Guesthouse –




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