NCBOs Travel Guide to Osaka, Japan!

Are you coming to Osaka and have no idea what to do or where to go? Do you want to avoid the usual touristy spots and go and experience more of what the locals do? Well, we here at NANIWA CREATORS BLDG. OSAKA are here to help you do just that! Here are some recommendations and tips straight from some Osaka locals!:)

Now, dont get me wrong, the usual spots like Osaka castle, aquarium, downtown are great, especially during certain times of the year….

but there are some hidden gems in Osaka that should not be missed out on!

Lets first start with Shinsekai! Now unless you are staying in this area, mostly likely tourists will miss out on this place because they dont know about it. Shinesekai means “New World” in Japanese. And at the time that it was established, which was in 1912, it probably felt like a new world, with all the attractions it had to offer to locals and tourists alike. With New York and Paris as its models, its Tsutenkaku tower which resembles the Eiffel tower, many arcades, restaurants, shops, movie theaters, zoo and iconic amusement park (which closed after a decade),  Shinsekai offer some to unique that no other place offered at that time in Japan! And if you are interested in a more seedy side of Osaka, be sure to walk some more and you might stumble upon the very famous and iconic red light district (Tobita Shinchi) or maybe even walk by some Yakuza (Mafia) homes and headquarters. Even during modern times, its a place that should be experienced while visiting Osaka!

Next up is Ura Namba! Namba is regarded as the center of the minami (south) are of Osaka, and one of the most heavily populated districts in Osaka. You can find famous images of Osaka, including the Glico Man and the Kani Doraku Crab, are located around the Dōtonbori canal. A place where most tourists dont go though is, Ura Namba. Ura meaning the back or street, or in this case the back streets of Namba. This small area, with its narrow streets filled with cheap eats, and ¥100 (1$) bars, its a perfect place for tourists to experience a place frequented by locals.

Next on the list is Nakazakicho! This quaint little neighborhood, located a few stations north of the Namba district, is a great place for travelers to go and see what Osaka artists and artisans are up to. You can find very trendy cafes and shops here where you wouldnt normally see ones. Art galleries in unique places and interesting architecture and people living side by side. Nakazakicho is hipster heaven and a place for travelers to not miss and would so because it is not really advertised in hotels and hostels.

And last but not least, Minoo! Minoo and Minoo park in particular is great place for travelers and nature lovers especially. This forested valley is great for taking a hike or a brisk walk. You’ll find the famous waterfall at the end of it, and if you are visiting it in the fall, you will witness fiery red, bright orange and yellow leafed trees. But along with this picturesque setting comes along a crowd with it, even if it is a hidden gem. If you want to avoid the crowds, try traveling here in winter. You can also see Ryuanji Temple as well. Osaka being known for a concrete forest, this is a great way to see a side of Osaka that isnt seen and shown to tourists as much. You can escape city life, and take some breathtaking pictures in a natural, more traditional Japanese setting.


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