NCBO Free Online Language Exchange!!

The past 6 months haven’t been the best time for many people. Physical events has been non-existing and many has searched online for some kind of entertainment. People have started all sorts of events online and the participants have been eager for more things to do now that it hasn’t been safe to step out of your house for a while.

Here in Osaka most people are still wearing masks. At least in the trains about 99% of people wears mask, whilst dreaming of when we will go back to normal and be able to roam freely without a care in the world.

Before the whole lock-down we held Language Exchanges at our new, cozy cafe & bar INARI GLEAN where laughter, smiles, culture and of course languages were exchanged

We have therefore decided to start doing Free Online Language Exchanges at NCBO. So far we have held two events with Alex being the host and assisted by the other staff at NCBO.
First time was a big success and about 10 people joined in on the fun. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we even got one from Ukraine and one from India to join in.
Who says you can’t have fun with people on the other end of the world anyways? Time difference didn’t matter much at least. 😀

The 12th of July we held our 2nd Online Language Exchange event and were overwhelmed with the amount of interest there was for the event. Around 40 people joined from all over Japan and from different countries. Again we had people from India but this time also from Indonesia and the US.

We are aiming to do these Online Language Exchanges at NCBO once every two weeks at 3 pm on a Sunday. Below you can find the dates for the upcoming Online Language Exchanges. It doesn’t matter how far away you live as we will still be close to each other when we are online 🙂

Next Online Language Exchanges at NCBO:
– 9th of August
– 23rd of August
– 6th of September
– 20th of September

You can register for one of our events by filling out the form below.

If you want to see our other events then you can do so by following us on social media or becoming a member of our Meetup group! This month we are going all out and are hosting a Danish summer food event the 25th and 26th along with our first physical Language Exchange at INARI GLEAN cafe & bar on the 26th as well!

We look forward seeing you online or at one of our events at INARI GLEAN cafe & bar!

Until then, then have a great day, regardless of where you are!

Follow us, to see all future events, on MeetUp:


– cafe and bar –

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