NCBO Language Exchange is Finally Back!

Hi everyone!
How have you been the past few weeks?

Here at NCBO we have finally hosted our first language exchange since March because of the whole pandemic. This time we had 9 participants who all came with great determination to learn new words and phrases.

We hosted a game which went very well and team B got away victorious this time! As it is the month of Halloween then the winners earned themselves a bit of Halloween candy they could proudly eat while learning some new phrases 🙂

This month there were two options for desserts! A smooth chocolate mousse and a classy coffee jelly. Both were made by our very own pastry chef Sho who also often participate at the language exchanges.

The homemade chocolate mousse made by Sho

After everyone had finished up their desserts and learned some new words and phrases the clock was quickly hitting 5 PM and the participants started to head back home again with a smile on their faces.

We hope to see you to the next language exchange here at Inari Glean on the 18th of October. You can find all the details about the event on our “Meetup” page where we also post about our other events such as the free online language exchanges! 🙂

Even with masks laughter and languages were exchanged 🙂
The place where all the fun activities happened, Inari Glean!
Alex explaining about good English idioms 😀

– café and bar –

– CoWorking space –

– Guesthouse –






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