Event projects at NCBO

Here we have our hands on a variety of projects!

Naniwa Creators BLDG. Osaka
Cafe & bar INARI GLEAN,
Coworking space myx,

The variety is big on Wine Night so make sure you head by next time! 🙂

International exchange events both online and offline through the projects:
Wine Night, which offers hidden gems of wine
Happy hour campaigns, online language exchange events and much much more!

With the desire to make it a place of experience and fun times for our guests
We are planning experiences to make you feel as if you are traveling abroad!!

Even in the dark corona times, you can still connect with people from all over the world,
You can feel the joy of enjoying some amazing foods together!
Exchange ideas, experiences and so much more.

[Detail of our events]
▽ NCBO event page on meetup:

▽ NCBO event details on Facebook:

▽ You can access the application form
for the online language exchanges through the following URL:


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